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:: Promoter Prime 2017

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Promoter Prime 2017

Cost: 29.00

Online Digital cards and PDF download for the following cards included are: January (Legends) – Scott Taylor, Redd Dogg February (Beyond) – Dorian Grey, VSK March (COTG) – Mensar, Pegasus April (Indie) – Karlee Perez, Martin Causus May (CHIKARA) – Reckless Youth, Dasher Hatfield June (Legends) – Angelo Poffo, “Iron” Mike DiBiase July (COTG) – Prodigy, Vyper August (Tier 1) – Mike Verna, Logan Black September (Olde Wrestling) – Dr. Jacob Omen, “Felino Blanco” Louis Lyndon October (COTG) – 2 cards plus bonus Halloween Card! November (WSU) – 2 Womens cards December (Legends) – 2 cards plus bonus Holiday card!

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